Our Services - Total Financial Strategies For Our Clients

I believe in personalized planning - A planning strategy that includes looking at the complete picture of the client's financial situation.   The strategy includes the following:


Client Education:

I believe that education is the key to empowering individuals with the tools and confidence to make sound financial decisions.    The important decisions one makes could include selecting the suitable investment vehicle, choosing the appropriate insurance coverage, determining the appropriate strategies for retirement income. 

I believe that before an individual can make important financial decisions, a Financial Advisor can help by analyzing the pros and cons of each decision, both from a financial and emotional viewpoint.   


Money Management

As a Financial Advisor, I can help you plan a strategy for effective money management.  I can help you identify resources, determine your use of income, and then recommend spending and savings plans that will help you achieve success in attaining your goals.


Risk Analysis: 

As a Financial Advisor, I believe that every financial decision a person makes is important.  With that in mind, I will help you identify the amount of risk that you can take with your financial goals and still feel confident.  One of the important questions I will ask is, “How much risk are you willing to accept for the return you seek?”  I use a set of criteria associated with a “Risk Tolerance Questionnaire”.  The information I obtain from you, will allow us as a team to begin the investment planning and management process. 


Financial Planning and Management: 

Financial planning is the process of:

  • Understanding your financial goals
  • Understanding your tolerance for risk and your expected rate of return on your investments
  • Knowing when you will need to use your money
  • Knowing what you will be using your money for
  • Then, laying out a plan of action with specific steps you need to take to achieve your goals

My goal is to help you thoroughly understand the financial planning and management process.  This includes working with you to gather your personal and financial data to create projections that show you when and how you might accomplish your goals. 


I will work with you to determine your investment strategy, by determining:

  • How much you will need to save
  • What types of retirement accounts to use, i.e., IRA, Roth 401(k), etc.
  • How you can rearrange investments to reduce taxable income
  • What rate of return you will need to earn to achieve your goals over a given timeframe


Once we have documented your investment needs and objectives, we determine a suitable asset allocation strategy.    The strategy we use combines Cetera Advisor Networks LLC experience with a focus on innovation, and mix it with a dedication to outstanding service providing a wide variety of mutual funds, stocks, bonds and other types of investments. 


Retirement Planning:

Retirement Planning is the process of determining how you will live your life in your retirement years.    It includes looking at how much money you will need to cover your living expenses, as well as, determining how much money you will need to enjoy the activities that you have always wanted to do after retirement.  Cetera Advisor Networks LLC  calls it your unique “Retirement Number”.    We know that each individual is unique – so there is no “one size fits all” retirement plan.   Also, we know that it isn't enough to rely on Social Security payments.  The sooner you begin saving, the better off you will be.


There are many plans available to you to start and continue your savings for retirement throughout your life.   Some of these plans are:


  • Company-Owned Plans such as pension plans and 401(k) plans and some companies have a combination of both. 
  • Individual Retirement Plan (IRAs) such as a Traditional, Roth, or SEP IRA – Anyone who earns income (or receives alimony) can put money into an IRA. 

The key to a successful retirement plan is to start as early as possible to use the concept of “Compound Interest”.  You have probably heard this before and it is true. The sooner you start, the more you can increase your chances of needing to save less to achieve the same results.  “Compound Interest” is defined as Interest which is calculated not only on the initial principal but also the accumulated interest of prior periods.   Albert Einstein, said to be one of the most intelligent people who ever lived, was asked what he thought was the greatest of mankind's discoveries.   His answer: "Compound Interest." He went so far as to call it the 8th wonder of the world.  


I am very familiar with all of these options and I am available to discuss which strategy is better to meet your unique retirement needs. 



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